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last update Nov. 10, 2009

Evan Raskob is an video, sound, & interactive artist, VJ, visual performance artist, and multimedia technology consultant working out of New York City (USA) and London (UK). Originally trained as an industrial engineer, his work reflects a scientific curiosity with natural phenomena and processes, especially those relating to visual and audiological perception. Evan received a Masters degree from the Interactive Telecommunication Program at New York University in 2004.

After earning his Master’s degree, Raskob started working as a school course developer and instructor. He also worked as a consultant for students who searched for the write my essay for me service on design, art, and telecommunication subjects. His passion for the technical part of the art process has made him one of the best advisors for high school and college students. They contacted Evan when they needed assistance in writing research papers and essays on visual art, sound production, and multimedia production. Raskob also created and conducted private workshops and seminars for students to help them find their vocation and understand what it takes to become a visual artist today: competencies that need to be developed, soft skills that are must for successful entering the job market, and basic education that allows competing for related positions. In 2006, Evan Raskob decided to change his life a bit and moved to the United Kingdom to continue his career. Here, he worked at three universities as a lecturer and was praised a few times for his work. Students rushed to apply for Design and Coding courses once they found out that Raskob was teaching them: his endless energy and passion for learning amazed the audience so much that more and more students applied for his courses every year. However, Evan Raskob did not aim to be only an instructor. He also wanted to create digital art on his own so he participated in numerous projects as a sound and video artist. With the rise of artificial intelligence, Raskob started to comprehend VR/AR design and implemented it into his courses later. Over time, Raskob felt like he needed to dive deeper into the topic of digital art, coding, and machine learning. Thus, he joined the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London, and started to teach Physical Computing class. Currently, he is working on his Ph.D. thesis about physical computational art and design. Another part of Raskob’s current job includes study trips to China. He travels to the country to conduct training and workshops on sound production and visual design for students of the best Chinese universities. Meetings with local universities staff contributed to his personal growth and widening his professional outlook. Besides teaching, Evan Raskob is fond of making music. Electronic music and punk instruments are some of his biggest passions and sources of inspiration. All his free time is dedicated to making new music, unique and original, and presenting it to the community of electronic sound fans. Finally, Raskob is a frequent participant of various conferences and exhibitions. His latest speeches and reports covered the topics of 3D printing, live coding, and sound production. Currently, Evan performs visuals as pixelpusher at various venues and works as part of the creative partnership ML Studio, teaches Video Games and computer-based interactive art at University of the Creative Arts Farnham campus, Experience Design at Kingston University, and founded and continues to organizes Openlab Workshops in free media and art hacking tools and techniques around London and the UK. Previously, he lectured as part of the staff of Coventry University's School of Art and Design, assisted artist Robert Whitman on new works, and developed a full-room video performance system with the architectural firm Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill (SOM), at 750 3rd Ave. in New York City.

Interactive Art / User Experience / Information Architecure Portfolio ::

A mini-portfolio of UX / IA design work I've done recently:

performance ::

These days I am working on various projects and performing as pixelpusher. *That* is where my blog and most of my new work + announcements are.

some showings of my personal (non-performance) work ::

Sept. 27 2006 :: London, UK :: Dorkbot London -- Mashing Up Cities and Interactive Art, a talk about my experiences with interactive art (YOTM) and attempt to explain my new project, NYLONCitiblob:

May 9-20 2006 :: New York, USA :: Sonic Channels -- TrafficTimeblotcher (audio only re-working)

March 6 2006 :: Australia :: CAMERA OBSCURA -- TrafficTimeblotcher (audio+video)

July 20-Oct 6 2005 :: Cleveland, OH :: Progressive Corporation Art Collection -- Year Of The Motorcycle (see "other works" below)

May 4, 2005 :: New York, USA :: DorkBot NYC -- SurroundScapes (interactive environments)

April 1-3, 2005 :: New York, USA :: Compact/Impact Night: Games -- SnowScape interactive environment

works with other artists ::

Pitch Control, 2008-2009
Under Marcus Lyall's direction, designed and developed software for an artistic musical instrument consisting of a piano keyboard connected to a display, showing video of faces of different singers when a corresponding note was pressed. Developed a multi-head, stereo, realtime video playback system specially for the project in MaxMSPJitter.

The Visual Voice, 2007-2008
Realtime 3D audio-analysis software for a performance / research project by Frank Millward, Dr John Rubin, Fleeta Seigel, and others. "This research produces interactive multimedia artworks and performances that engage in direct interaction with the senses, beyond verbal language, exploring the perceptive and interpretative areas between reality and representations of reality."

Robert Whitman's Sun (Outdoors), 2007 (video of outdoor installation)
Manipulated images of the sun from NASA, projected large onto the side of Dia's building in downtown New York City, changing constantly by means of software.

With artist Tina Gonsalves, 2007
Software and interactive design for feel_perspire320_240.mov (Quicktime movie) - A psychological installation reacting to a person's galvanic skin response (a measure of stress)

Software assistance for Feel_Insula: An interactive Installation about Stillness, Emotions and Hypnosis

YOTM: Year Of The Motorcycle, 2005
Interactive video installation at the Progressive Insurance headquarters in Mayfair, Ohio (USA). IT was an honor to present a work in a building filled with so much amazing art.

New Interfaces for Musical Expression Documentary, 2004
I shot a documentary on electronic musical instrument builders working/performing in New York City a few years ago. I am honored that it has been shown as part of the NIME course at ITP for the past few semesters, and has been purchased world-wide (Eastern/Western Europe, China, United States, Israel).

ACCESS, 2003-2004
I worked on the Access Project with Marie Sester, that let you "track anonymous individuals in public places, by pursuing them with a robotic spotlight and acoustic beam system." The videos of it in action are well worth a look, and it is still touring around at various museums.

MissSynthesis, 2003-2005
For awhile I used to perform as MissSynthesis (but not in drag)


lfo.jsui JavaScript programming API for Max/MSP/Jitter
A simple example and API for building GUIs that repond to mouse events in Max/MSP/Jitter's jsui object. More examples to come soon, check back in early 2007.

homemade video projector
Photo set of hacking a car LCD screen, a 1920's era photograph projector, and a few handfulls of 20,000MCD white LEDs into a powerful, working NTSC/PAL digital projector.

PHP/MYSQL Apartment search tool
A web-based database tool for keeping track of apartments ("flats" if you're in the UK) that you've looked at. Old but still possibly useful code for building a simple database in PHP/MySQL, and Open Source to boot.

My old ITP (Interactive Telecommunication Program, NYU) website, 2003-2004
I received a Master's from ITP at New York University. My website has an interesting collection of projects, from my Master's Thesis to my experimental audio-visual instruments.